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Quartier Santé, 2016-01-01

Montréal en Santé. Patricia Chang wrote an article Feeling Feng Shui: Harmony in the Home and in the Life. She spoke how feng shui had given her a renewed passion for life and how the reader could benefit from small changes made to the home. Read article on feng shui

Elle Magazine, 2016-01-01

Patricia Chang was interviewed for an article by Manon Chevalier on Geobiology or western Feng Shui: how the earth and our homes can have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing. This field is growing in popularity as people discover its benefits.

La Presse, 2011-09-17

Patricia interested journalist Valerie Vezina in featuring her listing which had a Westmount or Outremont quality to the house even though it was situated elsewhere. The owners had faith in her ability to market the property with feng shui principles.

The Gazette Homefront, 2011-06-11

Patricia convinced Donna Nebenzahl to feature this Westmount style house for sale by extolling its unique history, architecture, surroundings and the owner’s extensive renovations.

The Gazette, 2011-06-11

The Gazette Homefront, 2007-12-01

Mary Lamey featured Patricia’s listing in the waterfront community of Gables Court at Montreal’s West Island. The house was sold the same weekend following the open house.

The Gazette, 2007-12-01